Confession: I Don't Like You


You won't be met with much more than a resounding "duh?" Society wasn't founded on the basis that everybody within it likes each other, just that we can live near each other and band together in our mutual time of need. Of course we're nice to people we don't know because we don't want to make enemies. Even if it's just some cashier at the store you say hello because you want to ensure that you receive positive service. It's pragmatism. If a cashier doesn't like you then they'll probably take forever to finish your order or bag your cans on top of your eggs and who wants that? That's why we're nice.

We also need the distraction. We need to believe that there are good, honest people out there that we can depend on so that we don't go mad from the stress and make mistakes that we can't fix. If you don't like anybody then that's you, nobody says you have to like anybody. All you're obligated to do is not be a shithead to your fellow human.

Also, art is great.
oh boy another angsty 20-something who's got it all figured out. good luck with your wildly successful career, large circle of kick-ass friends, and squared away romantic partner. jk! you won't have any of those things--you're failing at the 101 level.
White people problems #845634562145679
Look out for the troll^

Yeah, people suck and no one likes you either, what's your point?
Stop harassing that woman on the street
Maybe it's time to take some vitamin D or see a doctor about your obvious depression?
It's not everyone else, it's you.
Please recognize that you are suffering and it's unnecessary. I agree with "That One Bitch".
So that's what the crazy guy under the bridge was mumbling! Thanks for the transcript!