Yes, harassment is terrible as is the "boys will be boys" excuse that just enables people to keep making the same bad decisions. However, some dude on the street telling you to smile isn't street harassment, that's just a case of somebody being concerned at best and a busybody who's getting involved in someone else's business at worst.

Did he insult you? Did he try to force personal information out of you? Did he touch you? If the dude honestly just told you to smile then you could've given a fake "sure" and kept walking but "came back to it later" means that you actually stopped to talk to the guy and you can't get mad at someone for talking to you when you give them the time of day. Tell me, how would you go about reporting this guy? Would you tell a cop "Listen officer, this guy in the street told me that I should smile and now I feel so unsafe I don't think I can sleep at night." Do you really think that anything is actually going to be done when no insults were thrown and he never touched you? What would they charge him with? Is "you should smile" verbal abuse?
Reminds me of a Motley Crue song I heard the other day called "Girls Girls Girls" which is all about cat calling... back in the 80's when women would get gussied up and it was all pretty much the norm. Women knew how to handle themselves and how to handle men. Whether anyone likes it or not, the fact is that people are still fucking animals. Like a lot of basic built in animal behavior, people want to start turning genetic programming into a fucking taboo over night. Maybe this generation is just a bunch of soft, whiny turds with no coping skills? Or maybe evolution is taking place, starting with social ciaos. You start by turning more and more sexual behavior into criminal activity.. until we're all queer or all sexless beings with no genitals at all, and we just clone ourselves for reproduction? For now, I would suggest growing some balls unless you want to wait another 5000yrs for men to loose theirs.

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