Hello fellow Portland caffeine heads! During a recent dive into one of mine favourite coffee rotisseries I was struck with an epiphany. What makes coffee so good? Is it the molecular combinations whose formation during the complex roasting process? Or is the the heart & soul enrichment that is added to liquid once in the hands of a skilled barista? Or again, was it the essence of the Earth itself being sucked into the coffee bean plant while growing? To all of these the answer is YESSS!! When I realized this gulped down the remainder of my 6 shot mocha in lightning speed. I wanted to run around block and rip the clothes off my back. It felt like nirvana or that I was in God's embrace, though I'm not a religious person at all. If ever there was a true expression of feeling revitalized that moment was it. Whatever that drink did to me I must reproduce it and refine it! We have yet to experience espresso perfection. This is big stuff no one wants to talk about or is capable of comprehending. The process of going from seed to a drip in your mug is no where near its full potential of efficiency. The compartmentalization of the global trade network creates too many bottlenecks and cuts into production. Today's model is quantity over quality. Wake up, people! The morning coffee you're having now is nothing but shit. What the fuck are we doing? Sadly that one mocha did turn out to be a fluke. The very next one I had paled in comparison. I backtracked everything. Can't think of any plausible explanation. Wish I had kept a sample. At least there is hope. Did I mention I really fucking love coffee?