I have a neighbor who had his kids solicit lawn mowing jobs. I thought they were going to do it and then he showed up to do it. He did the front for $20. Then he showed up a day later and offered to do the back. I gave him $60.00 because that is what I paid the last guy. Then, he showed up with two flower pots and said they were only $20. I said I don't have money. He said $15 then. I said seriously I don't have cash. He showed up the next day and I gave him the $15.00. Then, yesterday he swung by the house with one of the kids and asked my daughter for the $15.00 which I had already paid. She didn't have the money. He is friendly but obviously sketchy. He told me he's had 5 DUIs. I don't want him coming over to my house all the time and trying to get money from me. This is a serious inquiry. What do you suggest I do? I don't want him or his kids on my property any more. He is not working and looking for any cash he can get.