You're blind. I can't imagine. I wonder if that 8 ft. stick you use is being used to hit people on purpose or out of anger. Walking down the street swinging that thing side to side like you're swinging a baseball bat. You get on the bus, jab that pole in between every seat hitting people pretty hard. I saw another blind guy cruising down the street the other day, like I would think most blind people would travel, like carefully. Then I wonder if you're truly blind or just take pleasure swinging that stick around all day. You really use no grace swinging that thing walking down the street quicker than me.
The OOO. Emailed you a bunch of times in the past couple months. 4 times I've received out of office automatic replies. Must be nice being out of the office so often. It can only be for vacation since it's at least 4 days at a time. I guess that's nice your company lets you take days off so often. Then pays you. What does your insurance company do anyway? I guess that's what office people are hired for to look like you're working all day long, going to meetings.
What is the point of you 2? You sit at bus stops, waiting all day for a bus driver to pick you up for free. You'll get on the bus, pretend like you're looking for a pass or money, or act like all is good and you found a seat. Then you get off when the driver tells you, lugging all your suitcases. You also leave trash at bus stops. Besides, if you get on, where could you be possibly going? What can you possibly have to do?