You are Winning


this wasn't funny at all.

Breaking into comedy isn't easy for anybody. If you have a hard time talking to people then you can't expect to sit on the stage like a natural. Even the most successful comedians bombed hard during their earliest attempts. If you really like comedy then continue to like it. If you want to succeed at it then you have to keep trying. It might take one, ten, fifty, or even a hundred more attempts but little by little you'll get used to it and you will get better. If you have more going against you than for you, use that, weaponize it. Every bad or awkward experience is also a possible bit for your next show. More than anything, just don't give up. Besides, seeing somebody get depressed and let go of their dream doesn't constitute a win for me.
I'm not even sure what this post means but never be sorry for existing, if you aren't hurting anybody. Un-apologetically be yourself, and be joyful to yourself or others and life will be cool right back to you bruh.
You should hit the open mic night at Mad Hannahs on Wednesdays. We need you there.