To my neighbors who felt they had the right to use illegal fireworks. After 6 nights in a row of your law breaking behavior you have made a new enemy. I no longer enjoy fireworks, I now hate them with a passion and will vote to ban them, limit them, increase penalties, etc at every opportunity. I could tolerate one, maybe up to 3 nights of fireworks, but 6 is too much.
You have cost me a decent nights rest for 6 nights so far. You have cost my dog her confidence in the great outdoors being a safe fun place to be, after your fireworks going off during a 11 am walk, 7 pm potty trips (2 nights in a row), a 3:40 am potty trip, she now thinks outside is a dangerous scary place. Why can't you at least stick to normal firework shooting hours?
Why can't you choose to use legal fireworks and leave the bigger fireworks to professionals to set off?
I was courteous this year to you, only called the cops once on the sixth night, next year I will not be so generous.
Sincerely Your Fed Up Neighbor.