Hi. I was the guy who spent an hour sweeping up you and your family's firework wastes from the 4th off of the street today, 3 days after the fact because you decided to not do it. I saw you come out and water your plants and stare at me, not even offering a simple thank you for taking time out of my personal life to make our neighborhood nice after you decided to trash it with little bits of plastic and discarded firework waste. I know it was you because literally everyone else I came across at least expressed a modicum of appreciation for doing what I did. But that's not why I did it, I did it because all those little bits of plastic and uncombusted firework wastes are toxic to birds, fish, and people's dogs who walk on that very street you trashed and personally litter just stokes that little rage monster inside of me, so I decided to be proactive instead of angry. Yes, I heard you set off another set of them this evening, yes I know I will go to the spot I cleaned up for you tomorrow and find more trash, and yes I'll take (more) time out of my life and clean that up too. I'm not really too sure what your problem is, maybe you just want to make people mad, but it's not going to work on me.