Anonymous Jul 7, 2017 at 10:20 pm


I don't really know what to say in this situation. I mean, you could keep doing it for the greater good and all but now this person is just going to think that they can make whatever mess they want because someone else is going to clean it for them. But if you don't clean the mess then there's a chance that your neighbor would sooner let the street fall to ruin than clean it themselves.

The solution in my heart of hearts is to just dump the stuff back onto their lawn but that's probably a surefire way to get reported.
I don't know which neighborhood you live in, but you did the right thing. I wish you were my neighbor.
#3 even if that's not the reason I/A cleaned the street and they just got rid of the stuff because they wanted it to look nice (which I mean...duh, of course they want that) they're both still altogether better reasons than "I left all my junk in the street even though it's not mine to litter and makes trouble for the whole neighborhood just because it gives me a nostalgia boner."
Don't dump it on his lawn, dump it in his car window.
I did the same thing as to cleaning up after a neighbor's fireworks. 3 gallons worth of waste. Maybe we can all bill those we clean up after. Billable Stupidness. BS for short...
I would have gotten out the leaf blower and just blew that shit into his driveway.

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