About two months ago, as I was heading home from an 8 hour shift working at a homeless shelter by bicycle, you changed my life by hitting me with your car and leaving me there alone, unconscious in the road at one a.m., with a broken telephone, a bicycle smashed at the fork mounts, at least one leg I couldn't stand on, and a broken index knuckle.

It won't matter to people who like to blame, but you hit me from behind, while I was lit by my own lights and a streetlight, I was to the right of the road, and there was no other traffic, or obstruction to you having been able to pass me there at Jonesmore, just North of the Banfield expressway.

Healing has been super difficult, but I have great friends, and I think I'm going to be okay. I still don't have a bicycle, and have loads of bills and pain, but I lived, and I'm so grateful for that and all of the lessons the pain is bringing.

I have a favor to ask of you after all of this: please get some help. You didn't kill me, but you seem likely to kill someone. Please, please don't kill anyone. I wish you well.