Can you idiotic right-wingers quit telling people to, "Get out of my country!"? Jesus H. Christ. There's morons here yelling it, and there's countless Youtube videos of other morons who live elsewhere yelling it. Is that really all you have to say? It's pathetic.

I'm tired of these inbred, unthinking and bigoted right-wingers imposing their STUPIDITY onto the rest of the world. So you're stupid... great! Be stupid on your own time and keep it to yourselves. Don't get up every morning with the simpleminded desire of wanting to impose your ignorant beliefs onto the rest of us.

And what about the idiots in trucks who ram an oversized American flag into the bed? MORONS! You people look like absolute idiots... so fucking stupid that you don't even know you're stupid. Have some fucking respect for our flag, will ya?

I would love to get the "Get out of my country!" people in a field with the flag-waving, big truck-driving idiots and just watch them go crazy. Drivers going around doing donuts with flags waving in the breeze while the zombie-like "Get out of my country!" people shout in unison while bumbling around. How great and HILARIOUS would that be?

God, you people are absolute morons... no wonder you voted for Comrade Trump!