Pizza a Bye Bye


Wah. The place I frequented over a few years closed down. Where else will all the sexy unemployed and underemployed losers go? Hey, maybe it wouldn't have closed it's doors if they didn't sell their mediocre pizza with such a heavy price tag? It's Portland, NE Portland to be exact, plenty of other pizza places with better pizza with a better price point ( I'm talking full pizzas not the slices you get). But hey why not go back to your shitty job, and side gig being a washed up "sexy rocker", that wont ever make it in a town where there are thousands more just like you. But wait, you're different, have an edge, and will make it. Hell, I'll probably see you at waypost at open mic night. Let's face it, that's the only play time you get.

Oh maybe I read it wrong and you're just one of the many thousands of girls with tattoos and the grunge look, who have a cake face full of makeup? Wah, sorry you're hotspot for flirting with dudes with no goals, no jobs, and who most likely smell is gone. Go find a new spot to stuff your face full of pepperoni slices, and slut it up there. Stinky!