The Very Last Time


Now you have to re-register as a Republican.
So you were expecting something from someone and ended up getting something different than you expected. And you were upset about that.

Oh, the irony.
"Can't go wrong with kettle chips". Maybe that was your coworkers way of saying ,"thank you". Not everyone grows up in charm school . Not everyone has mothers that teach them manners... clearly. Your manners are hiding like a coward with your resentments and posting them in the Mercury, passive aggressively hoping they may see your rant... because of course you're too good to say, "you know what? It offended me your turned your nose up at Mr. Pibb".

Fuck you.

You are martyr. Your rant screams "co-dependent".

1.Look into meetings for codependents (I know you know what ALANON is...)

2. Big K brand of Dr. Pepper sucks.

3. You really CANT go wrong with kettle chips.

4. Giving a gift means you give someone something. And you expect nothing in return. Nothing.

5. If you give gifts or do favors for someone expecting ANYTHING (praise, emotional debt, a gift back) then do the world a favor and stop "giving" people "gifts"- or traps...