I could see being in the profession of golf being quite enjoyable. Not for the sport part of it, or extreme focus and concentration. What I would like about golf is the walking from hole to hole in a nice setting. That must be nice. Beauty in every possible way. Green grass. Usually palm trees. Peace and quiet. I played baseball and I could hit. I tried golfing and going to a driving range, but I sucked. But my main point is the caddies. I would love to be one. What a nice job that must be. But who knows? The golfer could be a dick. At least on the surface and its most ideal circumstance, the golfer and caddy are like partners in crime. It appears to be a supportive relationship. Golfer asking for advice from caddy, maybe? Maybe caddy knows more but isn't a good golfer? I'm sure then the relationship goes deeper into personal life. You get my back, I'll get yours. I know you, you'd do the same for me. To have a loyal and dependable relationship seems like camaraderie and teamwork at its finest.

Shit, well, its 1 pm, and I've had a few beers and I'm not going to work. Sorry about the movie I was in. You may be able to see what's missing in my life. Then in the movie there's sex, drugs, and music. Well that's not a movie then. Ha. But the movie would have murder. Maybe we smuggle drugs in the clubs? Or the clubs are guns or swords? Ah shit, I'm drunk now.