Saw a dead cat today. Looked like someone placed it there. Wondered if to avoid cremation fees or burying it. That would be evil. From its position, looked like it died peacefully. Looked intact, like not hit by a car. Just don't see a dead cat in downtown, in the fetal position with face towards wall next to wall. I cried. My heart got broken. Thought about the day I put down my 2 boys. Thought about 2 dead mice I found in traps at work. I cried. My heart broke. One of em, I released from the trap and buried in the ground with the support of a coworker. It was tough. But that ain't no way to die. The other mouse, another day, I didn't have the will. I asked the killer if there was another way? I have to mop. I'll see ants or spiders. I avoid them. Sometimes I save them. Sometimes I kill them on accident. I cry then. They are smart. They sense danger. I find dead flies or moths, fully in tact, take them to a good resting place instead of being stomped on or dumped into the trash. I found a fully intact dragonfly. That seems a mystery. I was talking in a microphone and saw this kid about to stomp on an ant. I said "don't do that." He didn't. I hope he got the idea of killing for killings sake isn't right. I wondered about the thousands of crickets trying to escape the lawnmower after I saw the cat. I saved a couple tree frogs once mowing the lawn. Frogs freak me out too.
It's a wicked world. What am I doing here?