Dead Animal Thoughts


The world isn't wicked per say. Death is as natural as life. You kill mice in the workplace because you have no idea what kind of pestilences they're carrying, you don't want them to leave droppings, and you don't want to stumble upon a dead mouse under the office fridge. It would look really bad if someone from the outside were to discover an infestation and there's a risk of someone getting sick.

I don't kill insects or rodents if they're outside but they're fair game while inside. Every insect or rodent you leave to their own devices inside of your home has the possibility of reproducing. That can happen really easily during the spring or summer. I'm sure they don't give any thought to killing each other for food or territorial reasons. Besides, most of these species don't have very long lifespans so I wouldn't feel particularly guilty about killing a fly when it only lives for about five days.

It isn't good to get sad over things to this extent. It's probably not healthy and I'm saying this because all things die, people and animals, at a large rate all across the planet. You've got to learn to accept the death or you'll never be able to live in peace.