I don't like how inner SE is being turned into a playground of Garanimal Highrise
apts and matching Garanimal residents. Heartless and soul-less. We moved here
from a much larger city hungry for new frontiers 17 plus years ago. Portland you've
become the same played out gentrified that other big cities having been dealing with
for decades.
An artist from the Saturday Market suggested Hawthorne and so we moved there.
It was a desirable unpredictable mix of the very old, mid-century and the barely new.
Hawthorne had yet to become the highway it now is. Now the great memories,
quirkiness of the old neighborhood is nearly gone...replaced with upward sprawl
which cancels out the sun and Garanimal lower boutique-y shops with offerings like
over-priced designer ice cream. There are now more tourists than potholes on "D"
street. 100 year old plus homes are gone or disappearing, like the old
trees that went with them. I pray for a housing market crash due to over-building.
When will this bad extreme make-over ever end. The wrong people are determining the future of Portland. Its like the self-righteous, hypocritical greed-head marketing executives co-opted the scene with a very guilty city hall. Fuck you. Give me back my city.