odd how many for sale signs become highrise apts


When you moved here you gentrified those before you. You can't stop it and it's natural. Get over it.
You moved here 17 years ago? Its you and people like you that have caused most of the problems in Portland. So fuck you... give me back MY city.
Pardon me, I'm not very hip with the new terms but what is this "Garanimal" you speak of? All Google can come up with is the animal themed clothing for children.

I mean, I get what you're implying here. You're just using a term other than "sheep" or "lemmings" or whatever it is people like to classify those who don't think like them as. C'mon, it can't be that big of a surprise to you. Places grow, they get nicer things and eventually people catch wind and want a piece of that pie just like your family did 17 years ago. You can't get mad at a place for changing or people for moving there when you did the same thing and contributed to that change just a few years earlier.

Our charming potholes are disappearing you guys!
Shut up newbies.
The great thing is that a lot of the newcomers moving here are not only wealthy enough to afford the shiny new things, but they're not the typical sad sack whiners of Portland yesteryear. I can't wait until the last provincial, lazy, sloppy, entitled old school Portland fuckhead is gentrified beyond the numbers.