The Real "Bonus"


That's the curse of the inheritors. We have to deal with years of debt that may not even be our own but were built up by those that came before us. If not that we get to hear someone older talk about how they got jobs and got into college without making half of the complaints that we do. They always conveniently forget how much more expensive college has become and how much harder it is to get a job. That job they were so proud of? Machines do that now. Entry level jobs? They still ask for prior experience and a bachelor's degree if a machine isn't doing it already. College? Four years of it is the same price as a home and it only gets more expensive.
^ That bachelors degree needs to be something useful. The days of having any degree to get your foot in the door don't exist anymore. You may love French literature, but don't wast 4 year studying it, put your time into Accounting, or Engineering or get an apprenticeship in a trade like electrical or plumbing. Coming out of school with $100K in debt and a degree in archaeology just shows you're educated, which isn't the same as smart.
@Badluckpalms - spot on! The economy in Portland is booming. For those that don't have college degrees, become an Electrician! A year or two of schooling and you'll be making over 60k! There are many jobs out there for those who work hard. If you're a hard worker, it really shouldn't be that difficult. Sorry the Barista job doesn't pay more, but fuck, what did you think was going to happen to a city on the West Coast. It was just a matter of time.