I love dogs more than anyone I know. I used to think I was a dog until I was about 18. With that I said, I am sick of you crazy clueless idiots walking around with your dogs off the leash. I have 3 little kids and whenever we are out walking or playing at the playground. There's always somebody with their dog off the leash. It may be sprinkles or nutmeg to you. But to me it's a 100 pound German Sheppard. You all say the same stupid thing. " oh he/she is friendly" they don't bite. Do you realize that all it takes is a sound or smell to trigger aggressive behavior. You pride yourself on "rescuing" them from the pound. That's even more of a reason to keep them on a leash. You don't know what they've gone through. I realize that most of you are scared of your own shadow. Hence the incessant need to keep dogs around. But remember that they are animals. Not people. And if people can be unpredictable at times. How much more care should be taken when dealing with dogs.