Okay ladies, real talk.

The reason you got 45 likes on that last selfie isn't because they noticed you cut a 1/2" off your bangs or got a super awesome blowout at that fancy salon. They're um, need I say it?
What in the world are you trying to convey to your friends and family, followers alike, when every selfie you post exposes Ms. Tonsil screaming "please daddy"

I'm not prude, and I myself can appreciate an open-mouthed girl, but that's where the conflict comes in. I catch myself with a dirty mind, I didn't even want to, I didn't try, what have I become!?!? Of course, I'm never going to account for my own actions. It's you. It's you women who are too uncomfortable to take a picture with a nice smile - every post cries "I might be boring but my #headgame is strong AF"

Or is it that life after death is glorious? Are their just rock hard ghosts photo bombing every chick by shoving it in right at the moment of photo-glory? I now understand so much.