I forgot to add that if your dog was to attack me or my kids. 1st the blame is on me. For not being more protective of my kids and caring about not offending or hurting you(snowflakes) feelings. 2nd I'm def going to jail and you are going to intensive care. You're going to sit there doing that horrible white people cry saying how sorry you are. Meanwhile my child is hurt and traumatized. It took all summer but the idiots where I live finally get the picture. I'm not playing those games. I'm probably the only black person around here. And the cops will surely side with "Kate" and "buttercup" initially. But my wife will bail me out. We'll get a good lawyer. And I'll post it online. By the time we are done my child will never work a day in his/her life. And you'll be the national idiot who messed it up for everyone.