Anonymous Jul 27, 2017 at 3:30 pm


Oh no, you didn't get promoted after three whole months? Tragic. Poor baby.
I got news for you kid, if the "promotion" doesn't involve a raise, then it's not really a promotion. And why would you be so pissed about not getting to do more work for the same amount of money?
Did you first try unplugging the job, then plugging it back in? Sometimes that works...
Dude, you're not getting anymore money, but you're bitter you didn't get a raise? ? You've been there for 3 months, the promotion is not a promotion, it's a stroke my pecker Boss making the employees work hard for no real reason, but you're upset about it.... So you're going to quit a job now because of this??? You Sir sound like a fucking idiot. No wonder you didn't get a raise after 3 months. Fucking needy millennials. You should quit. Open a job up for someone who will appreciate it.

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