Anonymous Jul 29, 2017 at 4:01 pm


It's really difficult to feel sorry for you. Men have an advantage in nearly EVERY SINGLE POSSIBLE WAY over women in this world. Single moms are vilified as everything that's wrong with society and single dads are hailed as superheros. I'm really sorry you're having difficulty with your employer. Now you know what it's like to be a woman. Period. You aren't experiencing anything a woman hasn't experienced, you're just getting a taste of it. Welcome to the fucking world.
Christina Rae: You seem to have a lot of anger!
@ 6, well said. Also, Christina, where do you get that single-moms have always been vilified? They aren't. Also, if equality is the goal here, and women just want to be treated equal, then you should clearly be able to see how your comment makes you sound bitter and vindictive. If single moms can change their schedule around whenever they want, like the anon said, then he should also be afforded that same luxury, not treated like he's less of a single parent just because he's a man. If you want to punish all men for the struggles women face in the work place, then good luck to you.
There is also the chance that you are not likable irregardless of your skin color. Lousy people come in all shades, so perhaps start there?

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