So you pay way too much for a building in what used to be a predominately minority neighborhood. Then you paint a giant mural on it featuring a giant "Don't Tread On Me" image of intertwined snakes and a dagger. Next to it is a series of hanging heads. Then there is an image of a rough and run down looking shack with a mail box that looks like the shacks that still exist in the deep rural south tha people of color still have to live in. On the adjacent side is an image of what looks like a snarling guard dog or wolf. All this mural lacks is a hangman's noose. You live inside the building so you don't have to look at this. We your neighbors do. By the way, that cool buildings you bought? It was originally built as a steam bath for migrant north European ship yard workers. After that it was a whorehouse that was used for sex trafficking mostly desperately poor women of color until the early 90s. Before you do public art, do your homework. This is just like the culturally inappropriate sculptures done by a white artist in China town a few years back.