I was kind and loving, supportive and empathetic to your problems. I gave you all of my heart, but I got little in return. You had so many issues, I kept mine to myself. I hid my hurt, even pain from an assault, because I wanted to build you up. I got upset when you started flirting with others, and stood up for myself, but you dismissed me and made me feel bad for even considering you might be a cheat. Well, you were. I found out months after you left me. You put me through hell, but now I'm happier than I thought possible. I'm happy because someone was disgusted upon hearing you brag about how horribly you treated me, and that person is now my boyfriend. He loves and respects me, and happens to be your (former) friend. Stop confronting us about how we're "hurting" you for being together. We've been overly respectful of you, but frankly, after an exhausting year of devoting myself to your problems, I want to focus on my own happiness for once. No one wants to hear your whining and lies about our relationship. I would never say hurtful things like that to you, which is why I'm writing an anonymous letter you'll never read. This is my turn to complain, so if you do ever read this, just shut up and let me be.