Thousands of pairs of jorts (in various cut off lengths)
A vagrant (IMO) couple eating dumpster dived food on the sidewalk by a Trimet booth with their well fed looking pooch.
Dozens of ants invading my kitchen.
Cali plate after Cali plate attached to glossy new SUVs. No doubt, refugees of the Great San Francisco Purge of its less elite, single digit millionaires.
Jaywalkers attempting suicide on the Hawthorne strip, not properly crossing at corners.
Trendy fedoras galore, the kind with one inch brims that don't do nothing in the sun. And a few Panama Jack-ass wannabes.
A guy getting his souped up suby towed (occurred about 2:30 am)
Empty Tinder, Bumble, and OKC inboxes
Less than expected man buns.
A circus full of colored hair dos, or should I say don't?