I've been reminded that I'm not unique. There are just "so many people." No shit. But thanks for reading.

When I got to St. Helens, I had already been to five other facilities. There was arguing and some very short lived violence, but I had been lucky enough to avoid most of it. Trying to focus on my time. Improving myself if at all possible. My total was at about twelve months on arrival.
I had asked officer if I would be placed with people with similar charges. He told me I would. He lied. Not important to the story, but true.
It was a receiving pod and a lockdown pod at the same time. There's a higher chance one or three out of the twenty guys in here have recently fought a person. Very likely initiated it.
I had only been there for two days before I saw my first fight. The aggressor was heard threatening the less violent of the two, commanding the usual, "cell up. Let's do this". Subject b declined, waited to a little after dinner, and hit subject a with a left hook out of nowhere. The fight last a minute or two. Subject a won. Stomped on subject b's head a little and kicked him. It was right in front of the window to the office. We all just watched.