As a parking attendant, we have the bottom rung of customer service positions. Here's why. I can say this same mantra, this same cheer hundreds of times a day. I won't say it here for discretion. It's basically, put your card, ticket, validation, whatever, the other way. Like the picture. Like the words say right in front your eyeballs.
"Can you just let me out?" or "I'm not paying." or "I already paid." When you're giving me an ultimatum or an attitude, I really don't want to help you. I'd say maybe 50% of the time, people are in the right and we just need verification. Just because you don't want to pay for something, does that mean it should be free or you don't have to pay? You pay everywhere else for your MickeyDs, or my favorite is gucci bags yet don't want to pay a few bucks for parking. Where else do you not have to pay for stuff? The other half, we'll either help you and be nice, but less likely with your attitude. Or you are playing us and we are not stupid.
"I have to go." Look, you want to drive. That's how you choose to get from A to B, yet you don't want the responsibility. You want to leave at the time you leave, taking your time to get your chai. You are on the time you're on. If you're late, I have nothing to do with it.