Hurry up, honking, or cursing. As a metaphor, take a line anywhere else. I mean, shit, people wait in lines to eat or get donuts. People wait in lines at MickeyDs or the bank. I do not hear one person yelling hurry up or cursing. Why? Because a car supposedly gives you protection and anonymity.
"What's the deal," or nonverbal hands and arms flailing in disgust. Either put your card the correct way, or use your words. Explain what's wrong. This is society. Besides you look ugly making that face.
100% of the time, it's never what we're are doing.
Also, I cannot fucking stand your whining and complaining. If this is what's bad in your life, I'm afraid for the rest of it. If driving in traffic and paying for parking turns you into an asshole, then buck up. That's all you.