I swear some folks must choose this way on purpose. Without any thought put towards anything, they just complicate everything they do to the extreme. I'm not talking about getting a DUI, and learning things the hard way. Doing drugs, life of crime, and going to jail to learn a lesson. That's major. I'm talking simple tasks.
I've done it. Once I was trying to take a dolly carrying a box through those revolving doors. Not easy, let me tell me you. Then some cute concierge came to help me. I said, "I like doing things the hard way." She said, "me too." I thought other things and wanted to go that way but didn't.
Just to give you another idea. Folks going grocery shopping. Buying 5 precarious, weak, plastic bags of stuff, or using paper bags with no handles. Then getting on a bus.
Um. How about a backpack? Dufflebag? Cart? Suitcase?
Ah, nevermind, keep on doing it your way. You wouldn't know the difference.