Those days catching every red light. Those times a few minutes late to the bus, and it's early or on time. Those times when I don't wanna wait, then bus is late. Those times when I want to be alone, all these moths fly to the flame. An empty bus, then some whacknut sits right next to me. I don't want to be seen, then someone sits across me, just staring every time I look up. Running to the bus with a suitcase, backpack and another bag in hand, looking for a little help from a couple on an EMPTY sidewalk, I plead "excuse me." The guy of course doesn't move. I yell out thanks alot. I miss my bus. Fuck me! Then walking to another option, I see the same couple and the guy charges me. I say WTF. Yelling and ready to go, I looked at his girl and said, "seriously you let this gem fuck you." Seconds later ran into a guy I just met a few days ago and bought us a couple rounds. He walks up to me, and says "wanna buy me a beer." I say how about you buy me a beer. He walked away muttering something. Exactly. Those days when I want peace and have to deal with bitching. Same day when my purchases at the store all rang up wrong. I'm told 3 different stories from 3 different people on how to correct it on 3 different occasions when the first person I talked to could've helped me all along. It's a circus freak show. This stuff seems to happen in the same day. What's up with that? Is it something with the universe and me not aligning? The moon and stars are fighting my chemistry?