Let's say I get 10 emails. 9 out of 10, if not all of them are spam. Some are automatic emails from something I signed up for, ads, chain mails, etc. Just useless information that I delete in a second. Not only is it annoying, it makes me sad too that I receive nothing important, at least rarely do. Nothing from a job, opportunity, friend, or family. No good news. Nothing to make me happy or smile. All just to waste my time. It's similar to how the only time I hear from a manager at work is when they need to reprimand me for some bullshit. I never hear from them to tell me good job. Facebook notifications for example are all someone's birthday, an event invite someone is going to that I met once, some nonsense someone posted. I hate Facebook. I am on it for lost connections or opportunities. I use it like a website, not as my everyday life. All this sharing. What makes you think I care? Snail mail is also mostly junk mail or bills. Once in a while I get a check.

This is all known. It's been going on for decades for people. But I've only noticed it in the recent years. More so now. I used to get more important stuff. Something has happened with the way we are communicating and what we are communicating. It all sucks. What a drag. One day, I am completely checking out. My time is more important than to waste it on shit I don't care about but think I should care about because otherwise why would someone else take the time sending something to me? I'm tired of giving away my attention and time.