Sorry you died. It was a shock, truly unexpected. Everyone thought so. We truly never know, I suppose. Id see you now and again. We never said anything to one another. I knew your character though first "meeting" you 4 years ago. 4 years and not one conversation. Me just as much as you. I didnt need it. I knew what you were about. You were a man in your own world. Youd talk to yourself. Youd be all up in your "correspondences," and organizing your coupons. You talk to people when you needed them to do something. Youd never ask or care about another persons life. You did alot for this organization with your ministry efforts. It was truly noble and worthy of applause. It was a solo effort though. There was no team working with you. Brother, I never knew a thing about you. How we live is how our memory lives on, leaving behind what we touched all along. You left no mark on me. There was no impression because there was no conversation. They say you can tell how much you touch peoples lives and how much you affect the community by how many people show up to pay respects at your memorial. Ill pay my respects for a life cut short, but if you want to touch people, you got to engage a little. You got to connect and not just live for you. I hope a lot people show up. I hope you didnt die alone. I think you did because it was so sudden. I hope you continue to help the poor and hungry. Maybe next time, shake a hand while youre travelling the land. Remember, the sum of its parts idea. Otherwise, whats the point to this life doing it alone?