To the tall white man walking a fucking DOBERMAN OFF LEASH: maybe your dog is so well behaved and you two have such a connection it would never hurt anyone but guess what: I can't fucking tell when it's trotting towards me on a freeway overpass where I couldn't even cross the street to get away. LEASH YOUR FUCKING DOG! You obviously don't care about your neighbors and dog-related trauma they might have, you obviously don't care about the safety of other dogs who could trigger your dog in ways you DON'T KNOW because IT IS AN ANIMAL AND YOU CANNOT SPEAK TO EACH OTHER, so I guess it's no surprise you don't give a fuck about the literal LEASH LAW. You may like getting attention as a scary tall guy with a scary big dog but it just makes it easy to tell you're an asshole from a distance. Think about the way you appear to the world.