Look around.
There must be more than a hundred people here.
And how many are piping music through their devices? Maybe three.
Why do you suppose that is? Because they don't love music as much as you do? Or is it because they DON'T SUCK?

Pushing "play" at every occasion doesn't make you the star of your own custom-soundtracked film; it makes you a spiritual toddler and a social nuisance. I have two words for you: cram it.

To wit: I crammed a tampon in my cunt before I came out into public because I'm not trying to make my emanations into your problem. Similarly, you cunts could cram some earbuds into your head (as, notice, so many around you have done) so we don't all have to hang around in your bleed-out zone.

Really. It's called courtesy. And it used to be routine in Portland until about three years ago. Nobody died and made you DJ of the World. Some of us love music too much to withstand your terrible taste. Next time you want to push "play," push "eject" instead, and shoot yourself off this planet and into this eclipse.