I didn't like Hillary. I didn't like Bernie. I liked Obama. I didn't like Al Gore. ...but guess what? Exactly zero of those emotions played into how I voted. Because how I vote is not based on interpersonal feelings. When it comes time to cast a ballot, me and all the other grown-ups out there do what is right and look at the only qualities that matter: intelligence and competence. If the most recent election made anything clear, it is that the idiocracy is alive, well, and in charge. According to an NPR article posted today, fully one in 10 Bernie supporters ended up voting for Trump. That is more than enough to have swung the results. And we all know that choice wasn't based in a desire for competent leadership. You stupid fuckers are responsible for this mess that we are in. You are so busy being angry at "the system" that you don't care about consequences. All Bernie did was rant and rave. He provided no concrete plans and simply pointed to other countries as the answer as though we could just "do that" somehow- without talking about how we would get there. You idiots. Stop voting based on your childish gut feelings. Grow up and realize that "the system", as fucked up as it is, is the only one that we have got. Yes, it is annoying that change happens so slowly. But by derailing the train that Obama put on the right track, and that Hillary would have maintained, you have harpooned the progress that would have been made by a progressive 2020 candidate. Now the main chore will be picking up the pieces... If there are any left. Great job.