It's Not About Who You Like


Or maybe they weren't voting for Trump, but against Hillary.
Hillary Rodham Clinton has been closely, tightly investigated by the State Department; the IRS; the FBI; the CIA; the state troopers of Arkansas, New York; and the Capitol District police. The committee investigating the Benghazi affair looked into the matter for eight years. NO CHARGES WERE EVER FILED, no trials were ever held, no convictions were ever achieved. "She lied" you say -- but people are sent to prison for lying all the time (looking at you, Martha Stewart) so how did HRC get away with all of this? SHE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG!!! Yeah, I know that you and a bunch of other CERTIFIABLE MORONS think that she should "Iron (your) shirts," but nobody goes to prison (yet -- it's early in this authoritarian regime) for refusing to do your laundry. Are you offended because a former Secretary of State (who stepped down from that role with a 62% approval rating) gave a SPEECH to the gang at Goldman Sachs? Do you think that anyone runs for anything without making peace with the deeeeeeeeep pockets of the financial industry? Until we overturn the Supreme Court's decision in the case of CitizensUnited, we are stuck with this reality like we are stuck with NEIL GORSUCH on the Supreme Court. I HATE ALL OF YOU IGNORANT MAN BABIES, now and forever.
And I hate your unreasonably smug girlfriends EVEN MORE. Yeah, you don't need feminism because Hillary and her friends FIXED THAT FOR YOU, you stupid, cud-chewing COWS!!!
Some people voted against Hillary. Some people voted against the DNC. Voting against those things is understandable. Maybe even justifiable.

And you're not as smart as you think you are. Put down the Kool-aid.
Voting against the DNC makes sense when there is a viable option, jstncol. Not when there is Trump. There is no justification for that. I'm not drinking any kool-aid. I'm just using common sense. Which I guess makes me a fucking genius these days.