Hi, I've been a functional stoner for a decade. I use weed to sleep, exercise, and everything in between. But not anymore. I've given into the retail industry of marijuana, where I am getting ripped off every place I go. I can't find a decent price, and I'm tired of feeling my entire cranium experience lockjaw. You think the quality of weed would be obvious, but I'm paying friendly chronic prices for shit I wouldn't subject another human to. I'm really ashamed, because I never leave a dealer's house with something I dislike. And if it sucks, Ill bring it back. But not in retail weed, budtenders are just ragged employees in an awkward role in this exchange. The whole retail experience is just stupid, it needs to be rethought. I can not wait to grow my own weed, and until then, quit smoking. I've wanted to quit.. thank you to the budtenders of Portland. My advice? Quit selling dirt gracefully. Know your product. You are just ruining your industry when you sell $60 1/4's of funky junk. Stop buying crappy weed. (Natural Wonders on cesar is alright.) To recap, I'm ending a decade long heavy addiction because the retail industry of weed is a racket.