During staff meeting our boss asked me a question. He said, "I'm his backup, (head instructor) and your my backup, but who's your backup?
It was a good question. I needed a moment to come up with the right answer.
"This is where you open your mouth and say words.."
The head instructor had a habit of calling me and asking me to cover for him. I liked the experience, so usually I was happy to say yes.
When he got another job. He started just calling the person at the front desk. Most the time it was annoying. When it got in the way of one of my private lessons I told him to stop. He told me our boss said it was okay.
There was the summer camp situation. One of them was a game day. I asked what games, systems, and equipment we would have. They both told me not to worry.
I got there an hour before without any game equipment at all. I started calling all my friends. One had a Wii with smash Bros., One an old NES with duck hunt. One had a collection of old systems he had starting bringing to conventions. He brought me an N64, a Sega, and an original PlayStation in a nice little plastic suitcase. During all of our other game days, there would always be a line of 20-30 players and only two controls. We had even controllers for almost everyone who came. Lines were very short when they did exist. I bought my friend pizza and the PlayStation in the little case. He saved the day.
"If I needed something, I know I could ask one of you for help."