Virtual boxing game


I think all those video games have fried your ability to write a coherent story, or as your boss says, "open your mouth and say words." It seems like this IA is supposed to be one of those regretful "man if I could just return to that moment, I would have said THIS" rants. But in your case, despite all the 20/20 vision of hindsight, your well-thought out time machine retort is complete babble. The idea that you somehow had the last word here is extracted only with great effort on the part of the reader, and even then I'm left wondering - if brain cells were dollars, how much did reading this just cost me? It sounds like your mouth-breathing silence was your best option at that point in the conversation. I certainly hope your boss doesn't read I Anonymous. If he or she does, you will know when you come into the office on Monday and find a fidget spinner and a pair of earmuffs on your desk.
Why r.a.y? You think earning a job teaching video games makes you a productive member of society when you can barely compose a fucking sentence??? Gimme a break my friend! You are a shining example of how proficiency in war based video games is not the pathway to an informed discussion on how civilized society can have a democratic discourse on healthy communication. That was my point. My autistic daughter can tell you this rant is devoid of a subject, predicate, or point. You can't even spell check "delete".
@ r.a.y. Apologies, I did not know that "delet this" was a thing. I followed your link and have officially been schooled in this matter. And while I'm humbling myself, I must admit I was a bit harsh on IA. Its not really their fault that our educational system, crippled by capitalism, has failed so many of us (case and point: people like Betsy Devosse). In all likelihood this person was never given the tools -- or perhaps the intellectual motivation -- to effectively express themselves in writing. So they went with what they learned best in the vacuum of a system which had nothing better to offer than to sit a child in front of an Xbox and leave them to rot through their most impressionable and formative years. I count myself among the lucky few who received a decent education and parents who taught me the value of good communication. If IA took a victory from being backed up by friends when their boss would not support them, then I tip my hat and wish them the best.