You little teenage shit heads, playing with fireworks, filming it, and laughing. You, and all of you in your little motley crew, are fucking pieces of shit. 150 hikers had to sleep in the woods because of your actions. People might lose their homes, businesses could be burned to the ground, people's lives ruined - because you are selfish. Did you think it would be funny? Dangerous? Edgy? Make you a bad ass?

I hope your parents kick the living shit out of you. And then beat your asses some more.

Then, I hope you get charged with arson, because, well, when there is a fire ban across the ENTIRE FUCKING STATE, it's arson when you intentionally light something on fire. I hope you go to prison for a long time, and you get treated the way rapists and child molesters do (hint: they are not popular in prison).

After, I hope you have to work for the rest of your miserable lives to pay restitution to every person affected by your douche-bag actions, including the highest penalty to mother earth and all her flora and fauna.

You are a waste of precious resources, and don't deserve to breathe the smokey air you helped create. FUCK YOU!!