So you HATE Trump and everything this administration stands for. You think our government is out of control and no longer represents the interests of the people. You march, you post political shit on Facebook all the time, you say it's time for change. I tell you to stop paying your federal taxes and get your family and friends to do the same and you look at me like I'm crazy. The one thing each of us has in our power to actually do, the one thing that could non-violently impact the current situation, and everyone's too goddamn chicken shit to do it. Do you think they care about your marches? No, the marches end and everyone goes home. Do you think they'd care about not getting your money? Most assuredly. So fucking do something you shitty little whiners. Do something that actual matters instead of being a lazy, apathetic "American", like they have so perfectly preened you to be.