Listen Portland, I get it. You love the Gorge, I love the Gorge, we all love the Gorge. It's sad that some of the hiking trails will be non-functional for a while. And while the extent of the damage is unknown, there are probably some special places that we won't be able to visit for many years. Be sad, post pictures on Facebook, whatever. But for Gods sake, take off those stupid respirator masks. It's an insult to the farmworkers that have been working in smoke-filled 100-degree weather all summer, it's an insult to people in Bend who have been breathing the Sisters fire for a month, and its an insult to hurricane victims that are dealing with an actual tragedy. God forbid an actual disaster happens in this town, people will be walking around in hazmat suits with shotguns. Pull yourself together Portland, and throw your stupid respirator mask in the trash.