Isn't it adorable how the ducks waddle along after you, not letting you simply walk away after you've fed them chips? Aren't their cries for more cute? Definitely not as cute as the look on your little girls face as she discovers the small animals that inhabit the pond in laurelhurst park. It's really too bad that the only lesson you are teaching her is that what she wants is more important than anything. If she wants to feed the ducks food they can't digest that will most likely make them very sick, even though there are signs you ignored posted all around the pond warning against it and a person informing you verbally of what they say just in case you missed them, instead of teaching her why she can't, you just ignore all laws and protestations and do what you want. Nothing, laws nor good parenting gets in the way of your convenience. Way to raise another entitled little sociopath, maybe she'll burn down another state park for us when she gets older.