A sarcastic thanks for breeding another sociopath


Yes, feeding ducks leads directly to sociopathic behavior. Nitwit!!!
Maybe she'll run for president.
I can't figure out why y'all are jumping down IAs throat. All they're saying is that it's irresponsible to teach children that it's okay to ignore signs that are posted in our public areas to preserve their habitats and ecosystems. I noticed none of you had anything to say about the last line written here.The Gorge fire was absolutely started by teenagers whose parents apparently think that they don't have to obey signs like this. Did an overweight duck start the Gorge fire? No. Did it happen because entitled sociopathic parents raise entitled sociopathic kids? 100%.

There's probably a reason why, when sociopaths are arrested, they aren't interrogated about their duck feeding histories. Of all the crime documentaries I've watched, I've never seen the suspect or the parents subjected to that line of questioning.

Not highly scientific I know, but pretty logical I would say.
True FH, the crime documentaries don't prioritize "duck feeding habits" when interrogating serial murder suspects. But once again, I wasn't saying that feeding ducks was the cause of the fire. It was caused by parents teaching their kids that disregarding warning signs is ok, even fun. They thought condoning fireworks in a no fire zone would make them "cool parents".

Even from a purely economic view, this is wrong, stupid, and dangerous. Nobody spends money on a sign unless it mitigates a potential financial loss that outweighs the cost of the sign. That means that as benign as a "Do Not Feed the Ducks" sign may seem, somebody spent money on that sign because somebody fed ducks human food and somewhere down the line it cost somebody money.

In the case of the Gorge fire, the cost is inestimable. In the case of duck feeding the cost is barely if at all perceptible to the person who thinks it's funny and smart to break the rules, but the cost is there somewhere. Ergo, the toddler who laughs as its parent breaks a simple rule like "Don't Feed the Ducks" grows up to be the teenager who thinks its cool to throw a lit firework into a bone dry forest.
Yep. We have white trash POS neck tattooed neighbors who put out food for the birds (seagulls, crows, stellar jays, etc.) >>>> McDonald's french fries, deli meat, hard boiled eggs, fruit, peanuts, garbage, whatever they want. They DO NOT CARE and told us they would do whatever they wanted to do. Good thing for us it's against city ordinance and a few visits from the police (and the threat of a $700 fine) got them to stop. The self-absorption, complete lack of respect, and all around nastiness is revolting. A**holes, raising a brood of little a**holes (at least 4 that she has sh***ed out). Doesn't give a rat's a** about anyone or anything else other than what she wants to do. People like that make me want to put them down like dogs and their children, too.
Ari, can I call you Ari? You're right for the most part, I was simply being tongue-in-cheek with the duck feeding reference.

However, at some point, people have to recognize the degree of dangers in their own actions. Teaching your kids to ignore more trivial signs doesn't automatically mean they'll feel free to ignore any and all signs going forward. That's another layer of parenting. I'm not going to assume that a parent that tells their kid they can ignore a "Don't Walk" sign when nobody's around, would say it's ok to throw lit fireworks in the gorge during high fire threat situations.
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