You cant hold us down.
Drowning is a deep breath taken,
misery is a myth, so we're mistaken.
In the moment of i cant breathe,
so we suffocate underneath.
Whats our perfect? Do we even know?
Are we afraid? So we just lie low?
We should refuse to drown, and see our myth.
Refuse misery and be in company with.
You choose. Because we're an optical noun. And we believe we refuse to drown!
We're Spring, Fall, Winter, Summer, we're all our four seasons.
We're where hippies bike naked, for no other damn reason.
we're green everywhere you look.
We're the home town of Powell’s Books.
We're every town with a carnival.
We're every local brewery, throwing a beer festival.
We're perfect soil, where weed grows so green,
Fuck, we're the laid back people who DVR the roast of Charlie Sheen.
We're Portlandia, we're Fred Armisen
We're the state Oregon, we're the town of every lady and all the men.