As the Eagle Creek Fire continues to burn, I had this thought: I wonder how many of little green or blue bags filled with dog shit were consumed? Every time I hiked the Gorge, it sickened me with how disgusting people were... just tossing those feces-filled bags right into the bushes, or in some cases, right on the trail itself. Thousands of dog shit-filled bags must have gone up in smoke.

I wonder what those dog owners who bag up their dog's gooey pile of feces and then throw it into nature are thinking about right now? Well, knowing them, they're probably not thinking about it at all. They're probably posting some "heartfelt" comment on FB about how the Gorge brought them solace and peace, and that they loved to hike it as often as they could. They'll feign outrage at the carelessness with how the fire started, and then praise the brave firefighters for their work.

What they will conveniently leave out of their post is the part where they'd admit to scooping up their dog's filthy fecal matter in a bag, then selfishly tossing it into nearby bushes.

Sad thing is, they'll probably find a new, previously less-populated spot to hike... and promptly riddle it with little blue or green bags of dog shit.