I work too hard to be broke all the time. Without a stable place to live, a bank account or enough food.

I should be in school.
I should be better.

There's a way out there to many be less depressed.

These are real barriers. I need to overcome them if I'm ever going to live anything close to a good life.

I have given you time and patience and a positive attitude and countless hours of labor.
please stop taking my confidence, self image, and money.

I am mentally, emotionally, and financially unstable. Still I am the only one I can count on. I work constantly to improve, but you and many others keep standing in the way. Telling me I have to do something for you, before I can have what I need. rule 3. blue carpet treatment.

My life isn't really so bad. I'm just kind of a shitty person. Sorry for posting so much. Hard times.