Racist Night Out


What is the name of the bar?

Passive aggressive at its finest. Why bitch about it here, and not say anything in the moment? Let me guess, you're white? So if it was someone making fun of a whitey you would have said something?!? Stop being complacent, fucking do something about it. Jesus.
AmeriKKKans are so f*cking clever. Delusional white people who think they are superior to other human beings are sick animals that should be put down like dogs and yes, instead of bitching about this on I, Anonymous the racists should have been confronted and shamed because that's the only way this BS is going to end. If I had been there I would have been loud and confrontational. Grow some balls, Portland, prove you aren't a white supremacist haven. #confrontwhitesupremacistBSeverysecondofeveryday
Yep, I am sick to f*cking death of white people (and I am white). There is no such thing as innocence or ignorance when it comes to making fun of people of other races, or exploiting them, harming them, using and abusing them, or murdering them.

White supremacists may or may not eat at an Asian themed restaurant, but racists would and make fun of Asians while they did it. And yes, I am 100% for putting down white supremacists. Believing you are superior to other human beings due to white skin on your a** is a dangerous delusional. Enough with the excuses, enough with the pretending this country doesn't have a serious problem, enough with pretending this country was taken from Native Americans via genocide, pretending the wealth of the white man in this country wasn't built on the backs of people stolen from another country and brought here as slaves or who came here out of desperation for "a better life," enough with pretending black people aren't murdered in this country every single day (by police officers who never suffer any consequences), enough of the whining and complaining and blaming and race baiting and stereotyping and BS that goes on in this country pretending that while males are not the biggest perpetrators of terrorism in this country >>> murdering people, especially all people who are not white and all women (domestic violence, serial killers, police officers, etc.); people like Timothy McVeigh and the Unabomber; rapists, pedophiles, and even our own government through lies and war and economic and social violence committed EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Enough pretending that white people, especially white men and their wealth haven't gotten them a free pass in life - whether it's jobs they are wholly unqualified for (DONALD TRUMP), attendance at Ivy League schools (GEORGE W. BUSH), never getting jail time for raping someone "because we wouldn't want to ruin his life," the comfort of being able to exist without having to worry about being harmed physically or psychologically simply because of the color of their skin.

This isn't about opinion. This is about humanity. You are either a part of the human race or you are a white supremacist sh*tbag who needs to die like the dinosaurs. Oh and don't get me wrong, I certainly don't expect humanity to change. This country, this world, this human race is doomed to fully consume itself in rage and violence and garbage and lack of resources and most of all stupidity of such a degree there is not quantifying it. I'd still get in the face of any a**hole doing racist shit. I have and I will. Because I have to live in this world right now and I am sick to f*cking death of it.

I live in NYC for quite awhile. I rode a full subway train to work while a man strangled a woman and punched her in the leg and she cried and everyone stood there doing NOTHING. I was 28 years old. I walked up to him and told him to stop doing that, that I didn't think she liked it, that she was crying. He told me he could whatever he wanted. I kept repeating my statements until my stop and when I got off the train I got 2 policemen to go onto the train. You can call me a feminist, a communist, a race traitor, whatever name you want to call me. I don't care. I walk my walk (and now since I am disabled, I do it from a wheelchair). I don't post whiny, passive aggressive missives on I, Anonymous. I probably should not reply to them, sometimes, though, I just cannot believe how little people are actually willing to do. You either have your skin in the game or you don't.
There are a lot of typos in my response. Too angry and tired to fix them. You either get the gist or you don't.
From the anonymous author: You are right that someone should have said something, that includes myself. And you are also correct that I am white. My friend, however, is not white. I followed their lead in this case. I did hope that in bringing it up to the bartender that the establishment would have had a stance on disrespecting culture.This is practice at other bars I've frequented. After it was so easily brushed off, we just left. So here I am in full NW passive aggressive mode as some minor means of addressing it. For whatever it's worth. And as for what bar this was -- I suppose the Mercury has a policy against posting identifying information on I Anonymous. My original post did not call the place out by name, but made it clear where it was. Let's just say it's a popular Asian-themed bar in downtown Portland.
Shanghai Tunnel! Took me a bit to find out, since I don't hangout that much in downtown Portland, but shit it's Shanghai Tunnel!

To the author:

Learning experience I guess? Perhaps I was a bit too rude, but with the diabolical shit that is going on in the world now, I feel it's time to always say something when faced in that situation. Next time please say something. We need more people to speak up. How else will people learn, and know that, that kind of shit is not cool, neither funny?

Leaving and taking your business elsewhere is a perfect response to something you find offensive. You expressed to the bartender your reason and that's where your responsibility should end. People have the right to be assholes. The only thing we can control is our reaction to them. That is the thorny part of freedom. What you consider good or bad does not apply to others We do not allow thought police in this country. If you were Asian then you might have more of a response but it is not up to you to correct other peoples actions.
You're an idiot Tinkerbell. People like you make me sick. Get off your entitled ass and do something. Wah. Assholes have opinions, no dumbass that isn't an opinion, but a racist shitty thing to do. Sorry but racism isn't what makes America. Go back to the fucking la la land hole you crawled out of. The rest of us don't need your delusional excuses to set us back.

Fuck you Tinkerbell. Fuck. You.
I forgot one more thing.


I'm tired of white people who have only lived white lives, in white neighborhoods and white schools, and only associate with other whites who listen to the same white music, who grew up in the same white flight cul de sac their parents fled to in the 70's or 80's to be around only whites... Who are now screaming their self righteous agenda calling everyone a racist. Right or wrong, that's why Trump won.